Tied Up Pooch In A Trash Bag By The River Was Rescued – In The Nick Of Time #dogs #doglovers #puppy #puppies

    The poor dog had been left there to die.

    Two female tourists were taking a leisurely stroll along the rivers of Messina located in Southern Italy when they spotted a trash bag lying along the path they took. Suddenly, canine whimpers came from the bag – and they quickly ripped the bag open. It was an abandoned dog which had its legs bound with electrical wire and then dumped like trash along the Terme Vigliatore river, with rotting calf corpses.

    Emergency help was needed. One of the animal rescue volunteers, Linda Li, arrived to find the dog’s life in danger. His body was infested with ticks and fly larvae – the pests were eating his flesh alive! Linda and the other rescuers determined that the pup, which they named Oliviero, needed medical assistance ASAP.

    Oliviero was soon rescued, and was truly grateful for the much needed attention. Vets examining Oliviero found out that the poor dog was paralyzed in his hind legs – most likely from physical trauma.

    Oliviero was dehydrated, hungry and too weak to get up – he had to be carried.

    Rescuers were pictured giving poor Oliviero some water to drink before bringing him to the local vet.

    Oliviero was soon adopted by a kind woman who quickly volunteered to foster him at first, before warming up to him.

    Finally, someone who loves him back.

    Oliviero’s heart, mind and soul are on the mend, thanks to his new owner.

    Oliviero can even sleep peacefully and comfortably now!

    You would never have guessed that this pooch was once on the brink of death.

    Today, Oliviero is finally living the life he should live – as a treasured family member!

    Watch this lucky dog’s amazing transformation below!

    Oliviero is one of many dogs who get abandoned every year – adopt and do not shop.

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