Sad Pup Is Separated From Cow That Raised Him When Camera Captures Tear Jerking Moment They Reunite Again

    There were countless occasions of animals proving to be much like humans when comes to empathy and emotions. As hard is for us to believe it, animals have feelings too. And we all have something to learn from their strong bonds, build among different species.

    A family witnessed an inspiring moment like this. They’ve been noticed a very close connection between their dog and one of their cows. However, they never thought the bond between those two different species could be so powerful. And they were convinced of it, only when the cow was about to be sold off.

    Rookie the dog and a large cow were spending most of the time together. While Rookie is an energetic, jovial dog, the cow was like a mother for him. The two even slept together in the cows encounter. And strangely, when the cow was taken to be sold off, Rookie seemed to be in such a deep grief. He just ran after the truck were the cow was put in, ignoring all his owner’s callings.

    For Rookie, being separated from the one who raised him and treat him like a son, was heart-breaking. He lost all his energy, his appetite…all his enthusiasm.

    The owner could not stand to see his dog being so sad all day long. So he decided there was only one thing to do for Rookie to be same again. And the cow mother had returned. His owner decided to bring her back, because all he wanted was to see his beloved dog happy again. That despite the cow was far more expensive for the family financially. More than that, he brought another small puppy so Rookie to have a new companion of his kind, too.

    Watch the inspiring video bellow!