Sea Lion Flops On To California Road To Nap And Stop Traffic

    As the San Diego roads aren’t busy enough already, a new kind of delay showed up. According to CBS 8, a sea lion lolled out on to a road in Point Loma, California. The animal appeared in the San Diego neighborhood in the afternoon, stopping traffic and drawing a crowd.

    While people were wondering what’s going on and how the animal did get there in the first place, the female sea lion appeared not to be bothered by the scene she was causing. Actually she was taking a nap, according to eyewitnesses, CBS reports.

    NBC San Diego reported that the sea lion was using the road to scratch her back, but no one can explain how she got there in the first place — especially since she was pretty far inland.

    However the police was alerted and an animal rescue team from SeaWorld San Diego showed up. The sea lion was carefully loaded into a vehicle and taken to vet for further examination. SeaWorld Senior Animal Care Specialist Heather Armentrout said the female sea lion didn’t appear to have any injuries but did say it was odd for her to be in the street.

    She was taken back to SeaWorld where the staff was going to check her out with plans of releasing her to the ocean, Armentrout said.