Mom Captures Video Of Her Dog Babysitting Newborn – Viewers Fall In Love

    Introducing the family dog to a newborn can be a moment of anxiety for all involved. Fortunately for this mother, her family dog is a Shiba Inu, a breed known for their loving nature and love for children.

    Some dogs are naturally good with children, and the Shiba Inus fall into this category. These loyal and dedicated dogs have an instinct to care for the youngest as long as they are properly trained.

    So when this mother introduced her newborn baby to her Shiba Inu, she knew she had to have her camera ready to shoot a memorable moment. The loving dog swings his new brother back and forth with his paw. A sweet moment that you don’t want to miss…

    The way the puppy looks at the baby melts our hearts! Sure enough, the kid will grow up with an incredible canine sibling to play with and explore.

    Mom captures video of her dog babysitting newborn

    Check out the lovely moment in the video below:

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