Clever Bird Hates Mom’s Music, Outsmarts Her Using Alexa

    Parrots are pretty clever. We all know that. African Grey parrots are an especially clever bird species and are known to mimic words from people around them. However, nobody expected this bird to take it a step further…

    Mr Magoo is one such African Grey parrot. And, so it seems, he doesn’t particularly like the soothing tones of Frank Sinatra. Who brought this parrot up? Despite his poor taste in music, he knows a clever way of stopping his owners playing his least favourite tunes.

    Mr Magoo has a large social media following, and his owners often upload videos of his antics. He has even taken to saying words without direct mimicry – actual learning! These will be words he has heard before but now understands when to say them in conversation.

    However, in this instance, he doesn’t talk with his owner at all. The clever bird speaks directly to Amazon AI system Alexa, that is playing the music. These little devices allow for voice control of all sorts of things, from music to TV, and Mr Magoo has figured out how to use it.

    Maybe this is predicting the future of our bird overlords using AI to overcome us, but for now, it’s just a funny video. Mr Magoo knows how to say “Alexa, stop” to cut the music. His owner laughs but seems less than impressed.

    When she tries to start the music again, he immediately cuts it off. It’s his house now.

    clever bird stops music

    What do you think of this clever bird? Does he really understand how to use Alexa, or is he just repeating what he’s heard others say? Let us know what you think in the comments, and share this funny video with your friends and family!