Heroic Firefighter Works Tirelessly To Save A Dog’s Life #dogs #doglovers #puppy #puppies

    In Pitesti, Romania, a terrible fire broke out in an apartment. Both the tenant and his dog were pulled out in time. While the man was taken to the local hospital to have his injuries looked after, his dog was left behind. Sadly the dog lied there, lifeless. But then, a firefighter began CPR and WOULD NOT stop!

    The Facebook video of this heroic act has already been viewed over 2 million times. It shows the firefighter’s incredible tenacity as he repeats compressions over and over, and then gives the dog mouth to mouth. He eventually places an oxygen mask over his snout when he sees the dog begin to breathe a little on his own.

    Too bad filming had stopped and it’s hard to tell because the dog does SURVIVE! He is currently at a veterinary clinic recovering.

    The firefighter wrote on his Facebook feed that “Nobody gets left behind.” WOW, what a hero!