German Shepherd Puppies See Little Girl, Launch The Cutest Puppy-Attack Ever

    I could watch this every day for the rest of my life. I think I will!

    German Shepherds are one of the most intelligent and active breeds of dogs. They not only enjoy being a warm family dog, but also have a special love for children.

    The little girl in this cute video was out at the farm of a German Shepherd breeder in Michigan, hoping to pick out a tiny companion for herself.

    But the lively puppies are so overjoyed to see a new human amongst them, they decide to welcome her with the cutest puppy attack.

    The girl is taken by surprise, as a whole pack of black German Shepherds puppies charges at her at full speed.

    The girl is thrilled to have the tiny lightning-bolts tail her. She joyfully sprints around the farm, giving the perked up puppies a happy chase!

    We’re sure this girl must have had a hard time picking her favorite puppy. This delightful video gives us a taste of what heaven must feel like!

    This blissful sight of the young girl prancing around with the puppies will fill your heart with happiness!

    Click the video below to watch this little girl being chased around by the sweetest puppies!