Baby Pit Bull Was Rescued By Cats After His Mother Tried To Eat Him

    Animals can feel when one of their children will not survive. The solution that the progenitors resort to is a bit sad, but that’s the way Mother Nature solves things. Often, when a puppy is ill, he’s left to his destination or else he’s killed by his own mother.

    When an animal appears in a litter of dogs or cats, and their mother rejects them, humans often take on the responsibility of feeding them and keeping them safe. Of course, when there are humans around. Nicolas, a Pit Bull puppy, was rejected by his mother at birth, such as the rest of the litter.

    Nicolas was born in a litter of eight pups and he was the smallest. His mother ate three dogs and nobody knows for sure why…

    Eventually her mother bit down one of the little dog’s legs. But fortunately, a group of humans took control and gave Nicolas the help he needed.

    In his temporary home, Nicolas had a couple of unusual foster parents: two cats!

    Look how safe it looks while snuggling with his new family! In Nicolas’ new house, there are 5 more dogs and they all form an incredible family.

    Look how he is!

    Nicolas has missing a part of one of his legs but at least he had a second chance in life!

    It’s important to realize that there are dogs that aren’t ready to be mothers. Probably Nicolas’s mother was under a lot of stress or simply lacked experience by the time that litter was born.

    In spite of the circumstances, not everything is lost, because this wonderful animal is now safe, alongside many people who can take care of him.

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