German Shepherd Lab Mix Almost everyone knows the name German shepherd. Also many also have heard the name Labrador retriever. What these two names have in common is that they are the best breeds of dogs out there in the world. Few, mostly in the designer dogs’ world, have had the name German Shepherd Lab Mix, Sheprador or Labrashepherd. This is the crossbreed between these two great dogs. As a crossbreed, you will expect the pups to have the best characteristics of the parents. This article focuses on this breed from the history to its daily training to ensure that you make an informed decision if you want to adopt one.



Labrador Retriever

Labrador RetrieverThis breed belongs to the sporting dogs. They get the name retriever from their inherent behavior to retrieve game shot down by the hunter and also the fishing nets for the fishermen. The Labrador was bred from the working dogs of the English, Irish and the Portuguese in the 1700s and early 1800s. They earned their title first in 1903 in England before moving shores to the united states in 1917. Their name come from the Labrador region in England.

The Labrador retriever has a short dense coat that shields it from the water and cold and they come in chocolate, yellow or black fur coats. These dogs are mostly known for their intelligence, workaholic nature and the general temperament to please. It is actually documented that this breed will work for long hours even during summer which can make them overheat very fast. Naturally, this is a great dog to keep at home if you like sports or hunting.

German Shepherd

German Shepherd

This is probably the most recognized breed in the world. These dogs are known for their intelligence and inquisitive nature coupled by always being on the move. This probably comes from their history and their distinctive fur coat of tan and a saddle of black.

The German shepherd as the word states, it originated from Germany.  In the early 1850s, the locals started breeding dogs, that were intelligent, fast, obedient and strong to assist with the herding of the sheep. This wave of breeding spread out and by 1890, there was a group that was formed to specifically breed out the pure breed of dogs in Germany especially the German shepherd. However, this failed as there was a rift in the society whether to breed dogs that had the personality desired (workaholics, obedient, strong and intelligent) or get better physical traits at the sacrifice of some the personality. In the end, the society was disbanded.

German shepherds were left to be bred by the locals themselves. However, the first ever documented “true” German shepherd was a dog purchased at a dog show in 1899 by Von Stephanitz. Von Stephanitz bought the dog by the name HektorLinksrhein who was bred with other dogs that displayed his personality of being obedient, loyal, intelligent and overall beautiful. Later his offsprings that displayed these traits were inbred and produced the first ever document generation of the German Shepherd.

Sheprador Breed Characteristics

Shepherd Lab Mix
Instagram – @penny_the_sheprador

Like its parents, you expect to see the puppies acquire some of the traits, the advantages, and the weaknesses. Just like a human child, you will only notice this after the puppies have become old enough to show some of the distinctions. Anyhow, with the right training and upbringing, you will be able to get the dog that you want out of the Sheprador.

The common and most notable of all German shepherd and Labrador mix breeds is that they are as intelligent as hardworking and as loyal as their parents. These temperaments of the dogs do not disappear notwithstanding the general character of the dog. Actually, the pups seem to retain almost all the positive traits from both parents but this mix can also come with some weaknesses such as the eagerness to please everyone.

The mix breed is one of the friendliest and most warming that you could adopt as a friend. Just like the parents, they like to explore the world, are playful and most of all are protective. They also have a very keen sense of smell and can do some tracking. There are great with kids as they are full of energy but are also gentle humans. However, if you are the indoor person, buy the dog some toys to chew on or you will be sorry.

Like its parents, the German Shepherd-Labrador mix is a large dog, they stand between 55 – 65 cm and weigh about 23- 39 kilograms. The males usually dominate the tall and heavy side of the spectrum while the females take the small side.  This, however, is just the average statistics. The puppies can grow as tall as the tallest parent or as short as the shortest. It all lays back to the genes. Also, expect some of whom will grow taller than the tallest.

How they look is different too. The German Shepherd-Labrador mix is not a very common mix breed in the registries and is particularly reserved for the designer dogs. As such, most of these are first generation breeds with no ancestry only the parents. Therefore, there is no ‘standard’ appearance for the mixed breed. Some will have black coats with short fur, others brown with a long fur, all of which will be inherited from the parents.

Sheprador Main Highlights

Shepherd Lab Mix Puppy
Instagram – @sheprador.cofi
TemperamentFriendly, intelligent, protective and active.
LifespanBetween 10 and 13 years.
ExpensesAnnual medical expense of about $480; Insurance cover of between $200 and $700.
Average Height20 to 25 inches at the shoulder.
Average Weight60 to 80 pounds.
GroomingRequires at least 3 brushing per week which increase to once per day during spring.
Exercise RequirementsRequires regular exercising to keep fit and healthy.
Coat ColorThere is no standard coat color. All physical traits are inherited from either of the parents or both.
SheddingModerate but increases during the spring.
Common health problemsEye problems, heart problems, hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia.
TrainingVery easy to train due to their intelligence.
PricesMore expensive than pure breeds. A puppy costs about $200 to $500.
Children compatibilityVery. Is protective of the family, active, playful and also gentle.
Other pets compatibilityGood with other pets. However, will attack if the dog feels that you are threatened.
Personality.Loving companion.
Compatibility for new pet ownerGreat.
Activity levelVery active.

German Shepherd Lab Mix Life Expectancy

The German Shepherd-Labrador mix will be in our life for 10 -13 years. This is the average of the life expectancy of the parent breeds. However, in biology, there are mutations and the mixed breed live longer because of the ‘hybrid vigor’. This is the tendency to show superior characteristics of the two parents. Taking this into consideration, feed the dog well with proper nutrients, vaccinate (vaccination for puppies is around 8 weeks) it and exercise it to increase the lifespan of the dog.

Labrashepherd Common Health Problems

Like any breed out there, there are some health problems that seem to affect the Sheprador more than any other breed. As stated above, the Sheprador is a large dog and this is the primary reason why this breed suffers from hip dysplasia more than the other breeds. To avoid this, exercise the dog often and ensure you provide the dog with a diet full of nutrients. Also, ensure that the dog does not become overweight as this will only accelerate the health problems.

Although the Hip Dysplasia is a common trait for the mixed breed, the Sheprador can inherit some of the following health issues from the parents.

  1. Epilepsy.
  2. Heart disease. This is a common health issue with the German Shepherds and can be passed down to the mix breed puppies. Look out for excessive coughing, lethargy, and shortness of breath.
  3. Eye problems and also in some cases diabetes.

Labrashepherd Exercise Requirements

Instagram – @penny_the_sheprador

The Sheprador is a large dog and comes from parents all of whom are active. Where am I heading? If you are not an active person or have a garden, stop right here. this breed is active and needs to be on the move. Like the parents, the dog is inquisitive and will always be on the lookout for fun. If you are a runner, this is the perfect companion for you. You can take the dog out during one of your runs. Also, if you are able, take the dog out for at least two walks each day.

German Shepherd Lab Mix Training

Puppies are the best to train as they grasp the training regimen fast. Mature dogs can also be trained although their training regimen is different. Also a word of caution, the mature dogs will respond negatively to the domineering training regimen. Adopt a friendly and loving training towards the mature hybrids.

Puppy Training

The basics of a puppy training are a must. Although this breed is always active and may come with a mild temperament, the puppies are intelligent and will obey the commands fast. The basic commands of sit, stand, stay and come should be the first to be trained. At this state, take your time to socialize the puppy with other puppies and also the environment.

Incorporate behavioral training after the basic commands. You can visit ‘ to get more information on this. behaviors such as food guarding, howling, abandonment issues, aggression, and mouthing are all covered here. if you are the thrifty kind, there is a one-day offer of $1 to get the most information from the website archive. The importance of behavioral training is that the pup will grow up trusting you and modeled on your acceptable behavior.

German Shepherd Lab Mix Grooming

This will depend on the temperament and the coat of your dog.  Anyhow, most of the Sheprador breed is double coated.  With this thick coat, you will be required to constantly blush your dog at least once a day to remove the loose hairs and also to keep the coat shiny. You will be required to use some shedding blade, especially during the spring to get rid of the extra fur.

You will also be required to clean the ears at least once a week, brush her teeth thrice a week and also clean the eyes when needed. Although this sounds like much, the dog needs at least one bath per month. Trimming the nails of this dog can be tricky since they are transparent with blood vessels, however, exercising the dog on concrete will go a long way here.

Food and Diet

The Sheprador will consume almost 4 cups of dry food daily due to their large bodies. The food should be of high quality as poor quality will make the dog suffer from throat issues and also affect its digestive system. Of for food that has glucosamine and which have few carbohydrates and fats.

German Shepherd Lab Mix Expenses

Sheprador Puppy
Instagram – @sheprador.cofi

To buy a new puppy, you will have to part away with between $200 and $500. This is way higher than purebreds and can be heartbreaking. However, you always have the option of adopting one which will cut back the initial cost considerably. While buying the puppy is expensive, the medical cover is even more expensive. You will need an average annual fee of $485 which will add up to your annual costs of food and toys.


The Sheprador is an intelligent, workaholic, obedient and a loyal dog. The dog is a great companion at home with the kids and will protect you whenever it feels that you are threatened. Should you want to get a Sheprador, get the puppy from a trusted dealer. The reason lies in the fact that you cannot easily tell what kind of dog this puppy will grow to become. Also, since it is a hybrid, you must go through the medical reports of both parents as the puppy will most likely inherit some of these medical conditions. Also, no one can perfectly guarantee the temperament of the dog and only you will have to live with it.

German Shepherd Lab Mix Pictures

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German Shepherd Lab Mix Video

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