German Shepherd Husky Mix
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The German Shepherd Husky Mix also goes by the name Gerberian Shepsky or the Husky Shepherd. This dog breed is fearless, intelligent, has a wolf-like appearance and they make a beautiful blend of the Siberian husky and the German shepherd. Other nicknames include the German Husky,Gerberian Shepherd, Siberian shepherd, or the Husky shepherd.

The Gerberian Shepsky is better suited for the cold climates because of its thick and fluffy coat. Both parental breeds possess dual coats that have allowed them to work during in regions with a cold climate. Just like any other hybrid, the Husky shepherd mix also acquired desirable characteristic from the Siberian husky as well as the German shepherd.

This dog breed likes a strong leader with pack leadership qualities. Always be firm, confident and in control of the Gerberian Shepsky at all times. Their adorable nature makes them the best companion for most families. They also have a higher level of intelligence and can learn commands quickly.

Read further to understand more about the German shepherd husky mix and why they have always been a favorite for most families.


Breed Characteristics

German Husky
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Dog Breed GroupHerding / Working dog (Dog Registry of America)
Height20 to 25 inches tall
Weight45 and 88 pounds
Lifespan13 years
Colorbrown and gold, cream, white and red
CoatsThick, straight and furry coats
OriginUnited States and Canada

Main Highlights

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·          The Gerberian shepsky is a cross breed between the Siberian husky and the German shepherd.
·          They are very calm, gentle, an always loyal to anyone they recognize as family
·          Has an average weight of 45 to 88 pounds and stands about 20 to 25 inches tall.
·          The average life of the Gerberian shepsky is 13 years but will also depend on the care and treatment given.
·          They are always affectionate towards children and other members of the family
·          The Husky shepherd mix is energetic and highly active dogs that require a balanced diet with lots of proteins.
·          They need to be exercised regularly because of their working-class background.
·          This dog breed has a double coat that favors them in cold weather conditions.
·          Some of the coat colors of the Gerberian Shepsky include brown and gold, cream, white and red.
·          They are always protective towards children, family members, and their owners.
·          The Husky shepherd mix requires regular grooming to keep their coats appealing.

Breed History

German Shepherd Husky Mix Doggie
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The Gerberian shepsky is a relatively new crossbreed that derives adorable characteristics from their parental breeds. We can learn how this hybrid came into existence by examining the history of their parental breeds since there are no records indicating why the cross was made.

The German shepherd traces its origin from the late 19th century where they worked as a herding dog. This breed used to be a guard dog and a pack carrier during World War I and was brought back to America by the allies because it was a great dog.

The Siberian husky originated in the Siberian Arctic’s harsh climate. The strength and endurance of this dog in pulling sleds containing heavy loads made them popular at that time. Although they were originally bred as sledding dogs, the Siberian husky became popular in the USA and Canada as family companions. This dog breed was incorporated in the American Kennel Club in 1930.

Basing facts from the history of the parental breeds, both the German shepherd and the Siberian husky were bred as working type dogs. This trait manifested in the Husky shepherd mix as they acquired desirable traits from both of their parents. The AKC does not approve them as a pure dog breed because they are a cross between the Siberian husky and the German shepherd. However, this dog breed is recognized by the American Canine Hybrid Club and the Dog Registry of America.

German Shepherd Husky Mix Size

German Shepherd Husky Mix Full Grown
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The Gerberian shepsky have different heights and weights depending on the inherited characteristics from their parental breeds. They weight between 45 to 88 pounds and stands about 20 to 25 inches tall.

German Shepherd Husky Mix Lifespan

Siberian Shepherd at Playground
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The Husky shepherd mix has an average lifespan of 13 years. The lifespan of your dog always depends on the care and treatment you give them throughout their life. This involves a proper diet, extensive care, regular exercises and close attention.

German Shepherd Husky Mix Coat Color

German Shepherd Husky Mix Smiling
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The outline of the Siberian husky and the German shepherd might be pretty similar but their real variety is determined by their coloring. The coat color of the Gerberian shepsky can be a combination of different colors such as gray or light brown. They may also exhibit different shades of brown and gold, cream, white and red.

They possess a thick, straight and furry double coat that consists of the inner layer and outer layer. There is no uniformity when it comes to their color or length since the Gerberian shepsky can take it after one of the parental breeds.

Do German Shepherd Husky Mix Shed?

German Shepherd Husky Mix with Snow
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The Gerberian shepsky sheds moderately and this can be noticed during shifts in seasons. Before you think of adopting this hybrid, it is important to ascertain that no member of your family suffers from allergies.

A fulminator slicker brush can help you to manage the shedding problem. Never make the mistake of shaving the Gerberian shepsky since the fur is what shields them from the excessive cold or heat. Both the Siberian husky and the German shepherd are heavy shedders and the Gerberian shepsky just acquired this trait from their parental breeds.

It is important to be passionate about vacuuming the whole house to reduce the chances of allergic reactions to any family member.

German Shepherd Husky Mix Personality

Siberian Shepherd Doggie
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The German shepherd husky mix has different personality traits that can come in any combination of his parent breeds. They possess a calm and gentle temperament but they are normally feared because of their muscular build. The Gerberian shepsky can either act as a working companion or a pet dog for humans. This dog breed is highly capable of assisting humans to perform a variety of tasks due to their loyal and alert nature. They can be classified into the working and herding categories of a dog breed.

The Gerberian shepsky also has an uncanny ability to react to whistles and other verbal commands. They are inclined to inherit their intelligent personalities from the German shepherds and friendly nature from the Siberian husky. They also make excellent watch guard and scout dogs because of their curious nature.

They are very affectionate with kids and always protective towards their family and friends. Although this hybrid possesses independent streak characteristics, they are more manageable compared to the German shepherd. Dog experts always encourage a gentle and consistent approach towards training since the Gerberian shepsky are always active and very powerful dogs.

This dog breed also has the ability to act aggressively if they sense a threat to the security of a family member or their master. They will bark loudly to voice their opinions and alert the owner of any approaching danger.

Siberian Shepherd with Friend
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German Shepherd Husky Mix Training

It is important to practice proper socialization and training of the Husky shepherd mix during their early stages. The Gerberian Shepsky is a very smart hybrid dog who can learn different skills and behavior in the hands of a reputable trainer. Both the German shepherd and Siberian husky are motivated learners and the same applies to the Gerberian Shepsky as well.

They can be trained easily and a consistent training stimulates your dog both physically and mentally. This dog breed is also a hard-working dog who enjoys activities that conform to their natural instincts. You can always take them through obedience training, fieldwork and herding activities.

There are other occasions where they seem too stubborn or lazy to listen to their owners. This issue can be solved by taking a gentler approach to training. Offer your dog some rewards and treats for achieving something great and they will learn to adapt to your commands.

Exercise Requirements

Shepsky Puppy
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Just like the German shepherds, the Gerberian Shepsky is very active and playful. They enjoy running through the field or playing fetch with their owners. They need to be exercised regularly because of their background as working-class dogs. If you are thinking of adopting the Gerberian shepsky, then you should make the effort of taking them through exercises on a regular basis.

This type of crossbreed doesn’t like being left alone for a long period of time. They prefer the company of their owner or family members. It is mandatory for the Gerberian Shepsky to exhaust their energy through regular exercises or other physical activities. This not only makes them physically fit but also promotes a healthy lifestyle.

Less training may make the Gerberian Shepsky develop undesirable characteristics such as excessive barking. It might also make them lazy and stressful because they lack the motivation to play around energetically. Leaving this dog breed unattended for long periods can also make them chew different kinds of stuff making you a poor dog breeder.

German Shepherd Husky Mix Dog
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German Shepherd Husky Mix Grooming

The Husky shepherd mix has a double coat and is known to be a moderate shedder. It is important to brush their coat at least two to three times in a week to keep them shiny and tangle-free. They are also more likely to accumulate wax in their ears, which needs to be checked occasionally and cleaned using a cotton ball.

If you are not an expert at cleaning your dog’s ears, it is advisable to seek help from a professional vet or groomer. Although a fulminator slicker brush will help you handle the shedding problem, their fur should not be trimmed as it protects them from cold weather and heat.

The soft and fluffy coats of the Gerberian Shepsky needs to be maintained with regular bath and brushing. The primary reason for grooming the Husky shepherd on a regular basis is that their double coat can stink easily and grow a lot of furs.

To keep your dog’s coat looking healthy and sheen, it is important to purchase a scented and safe dog shampoo that can eliminate the bad smell. Brushing your dog’s coat helps to maintain their soft and fluffy fur. You also need to clean their teeth with a recommended dog toothpaste and trim their nails carefully to maintain hygiene.

German Shepherd Husky Mix Common Health Problems

German Husky Puppy
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Generally, mixed breeds are usually considered to be healthier compared to the purebred dogs because they are drawn from a wider gene pool. Despite this fact, the Gerberian Shepsky can experience various health concerns depending on the condition of their parent breeds. Some of the health issues they are prone to include blood disorders, joint dysplasia, bloating, allergies, eye problems and ear infections.

Bloating usually occurs when your dog’s tummy is filled with food, gas or liquids that causes it to expand. It is a condition that can be life-threatening for some dogs if taken for granted. The stomach can exert pressure on other nearby organs causing more complications.

They can also experience different types of allergies such as food allergies and contact allergies.

  • Food allergies – it comes as a result of what you feed your dog;
  • Contact allergies – They are caused by a reaction to an external substance such as flea powder, shampoo or other chemicals,
  • Inhalant allergies – They are allergic conditions that may be caused by dust, pollen or mildew.

Dogs that have large ears normally suffer from ear infections. The Husky shepherd mix can also be a victim of the same. It is important to ensure that their ears are always clean and dry to prevent such infections.

Care Features

German Husky Dog
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The Gerberian Shepskies are built for action as they are working dogs by nature.  They tend to be bored when left alone for long periods of time making them develop undesirable characteristics or behavior. This is because they have high exercise requirements and taking your dog to a dog park and or for other outdoor activities may be a good idea.

It is also advisable to begin obedience training when your puppy is in their early stages and teach them some basic commands such as “sit”, “stay” and “quiet”. They also need a balanced diet to stay healthy and regular exercises to stay fit. Since they spend a lot of time as working or herding dogs, they will need foods that provide a great source of energy.

Regular brushing is a necessary requirement for maintaining your dog’s coat. This can be done at least twice or three times in a week. Take them to the vet for vaccinations and some checkups since they can determine any underlying health conditions in your dog. Hygiene should be observed at all times if you are thinking of adopting the Husky shepherd mix. This means trimming their nails, brushing their teeth, cleaning their ears and providing them with a professional bath.

Food/ Nutrition/ Feeding Schedule

Siberian Shepherd Puppy
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The German shepherd husky mix is generally energetic and active dogs that need a balanced diet with lots of proteins. This does not mean that you should only provide them with foods rich in proteins as they also need other nutrients from eating a balanced diet. This dog breed always has a healthy appetite so you should always be ready to take care of them appropriately.

Try combining different flavors and brands to determine the most appropriate diet for your Gerberian Shepsky. Sometimes, it takes time to determine the brand that they enjoy most. You can also introduce your dog to other natural foods that have been recommended by your vet. This helps them derive natural nutrients that may not be available in the processed foods.

Gerberian Shepskies are prone to digestive issues which means you should provide them small to medium quantities of foods that can’t cause bloating. Feed the Husky shepherd mix at least 2 to 3 times in a day depending on their size and exercise requirements. Avoid exercising your dog after meals to allow some time for a smooth digestion process.

Learn to introduce new foods in smaller quantities if you are feeding your Gerberian Shepsky for the first time. Later, you can advance to different levels. If in doubt, never hesitate to consult your veterinarian for recommendations. Exercising proper feeding will reduce chances of food allergies and other health problems such as obesity.

Is German Shepherd Husky Mix a Good Family Dog?

German Shepherd Husky Mix with Sunset
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The Husky shepherd mix is always loving and affectionate towards children. However, do not leave your small children unattended with the Gerberian Shepsky since there is a risk of a knock over due to their large size and strength. Socializing your puppy with other pets from a tender age makes them get along. Without behavioral training, the Gerberian Shepsky may or may not bond with other pets.

German Shepherd Husky Mix Price

Husky Shepherd Mix Price
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Breeding a healthy litter of Husky shepherd pups comes with a higher price besides the initial cost. This includes veterinary care, vaccinations, worming, flea treatments, and health screening. The average new puppy price ranges from $350 to $850.

German Shepherd Husky Mix for Sale

German Shepherd Husky Mix For Sale
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The German Shepherd Husky Mix for sale can be found in dog rescue organizations and other stores online.

German Shepherd Husky Mix Video


The Gerberian shepsky derives desirable traits and characteristics from their parent breeds and they seem healthier than most hybrid dogs. Besides the calm and gentle temperament of this dog breed, they can be trained easily using a consistent approach from a firm leader. They like spending most of their time outdoors where they can play and have lots of fun. For those who are thinking of adopting the German shepherd husky mix, you should be ready to take proper care of them as they always require close attention.

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