Family Uses Special Sling For Senior Cat So He Can Be Pet At All Times

    “He follows my mum around the house miaowing till she strokes him so she thought this would help.”

    A 17-year-old Siamese cat named Ricky loves getting attention — and he’s not at all shy about asking for it.

    Luckily, his family is more than happy to oblige.

    But human lives, for better or worse, usually involve other commitments in addition to satisfying our feline friends. Ricky seems to refuse to accept such a state of affairs as an excuse.

    But Ricky has good reason for being a little demanding, too. He has arthritis, and so getting stroked also helps him feel more comfortable. Therefore, Ricky’s demands for constant petting have become underscored with a bit more urgency recently.

    Thankfully, his human family got inventive.

    Debbie Morse got a sling, meant for something like a sprained arm, and plopped Ricky down into it.

    “He follows my mum around the house miaowing till she strokes him so she thought this would help,” Felicity Morse, her daughter, wrote this week.

    But would Ricky accept the sling as a solution?

    Oh, yes. His belly is in perfect proximity to his human’s stroking palm. His eyes narrowed to that self-satisfied feline squint and he instantly relaxed. 

    “[My mom] invented this sling so he feels comforted and less lonely,” Felicity Morse said. “The warmth and cuddles really help his arthritis.”

    Siamese cat with arthritis in car
    Felicity Morse

    Ricky has been a member of the family for his whole life — he’s used to being pampered by them and included in pretty much everything they do.

    Thankfully his people understand that just because he’s getting up in years, Ricky shouldn’t have to be left behind.

    “He’s so gentle and chilled,” Debbie Morse told us. “He’s worth his weight in gold.”