Dog With Broken Legs Lived Alone In A Ditch – Until Someone Saved Her #dogs #doglovers

    In 2015 Łukasz Muniowski and his wife Natalia were cycling through the countryside in Poland when they encountered a very weird situation … They saw the head of a dog coming out of a ditch near the road. The couple was surprised by what was happening. So they decided to stop to see if the animal was okay!

    As soon as they did the little dog became very frightened and ran off into a drainage pipe. She moved in a weird and even funny way. So that’s when they realized that something bad was happened to this dog … She had her legs broken!

    Facebook – Łukasz Muniowski

    “She ran in a very strange way,” said Muniowski. “Her back was in the air, her legs were wobbly and did not touch the ground. It’s really strange to describe, because I’ve never seen anything like it.”

    This made Muniowski and his wife more determined to help the poor dog. That’s when they parked their bikes and approached the drainpipe calmly …

    “One side of the hole where she hid was closed with a big stone,” Muniowski said. “I started digging with my own hands underneath her, while Natalia watched as the dog escaped from the other side.” The dog began to growl, but it was not an intimidating snarl, when I finally managed to move the stone and put my hand there. .. she sniffed me and ended up putting her paws on my hands. ”

    Facebook – Łukasz Muniowski

    Now that Muniowski had the trust of dog, he took the animal in his arms and returned to the town to be taken to a veterinarian. The dog was very thin and dirty, but her main concern was her injured legs, as both of them looked broken.

    The veterinarian concluded that the little dog could have been run over by a car, or trapped inside a hunting trap. She probably had those wounds for about three or four weeks …

    Facebook – Łukasz Muniowski

    “He suggested we take her down, because it made no sense to make her suffer any more … unless she had a home to stay in,” Muniowski said. “That’s when we made the decision to adopt this poor animal. We wanted to take care of that little dog for the rest of our lives.”

    In the process, one of his back legs had to be amputated, but the bones of the other leg were repaired.

    Facebook – Łukasz Muniowski

    Her owners thought that the animal would never run again or have a normal life … But, fortunately, she has had an excellent recovery, is very happy and in good health. She plays, runs and climbs stairs, as if nothing ever happened!

    Facebook – Łukasz Muniowski

    “She lives with us now in a third-floor apartment with no elevator,” Muniowski said. “She climbs the stairs alone, except when she’s really tired.”

    When she is not running or climbing the stairs, she spends her life around Leon, one of Muniowski’s other rescue dogs. And they seem to understand each other beautifully!

    Facebook – Łukasz Muniowski

    The dog loves to do “normal” dog things like picking sticks, exploring nature and sniffing everything around her. Last but not least, she loves spending time with her family.

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