Dog Meets “Twin” On The Street And Convinces Her Mother To Adopt Him

    Bethany Coleman had no intention of adopting another animal. The woman was already living with a rescue dog, named Rogue, and two elderly cats at home. In addition, she and her boyfriend Tyson have a very busy life.

    “Tyson mentioned having another dog and I was like, ‘No way,’” Coleman said.

    However, everything changed when Coleman found another dog, which looked like a mirror image of Rogue.

    Coleman decided at that time that the 8-month-old pup, now called Beast, belonged to the family. It was love at first sight!

    As Beast officially joined the family, Rogue began to lose her days as only child. The two had some sibling fights, but quickly became best friends and true partners in the crime.

    Although Beast is now twice the size of Rogue, he still thinks he is small. He steps on Tyson and the cats just to climb on the couch or in bed. After all, the family is happier than ever and all these dogs fill their house with joy!

    Now living in Hawaii, the small family became even more united and the transition was trouble-free.

    “Our adventure proved this little family will always be together,” Coleman said. “We will always appreciate each day for the unconditional love they give us and we can’t wait for the next adventure.”

    “I tell jokingly that we are starting our little Noah’s ark,” added Coleman. “Two humans, two cats and two dogs.”

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