Delivery Man Finds A Dog Hiding In His Van – He Cries Of Laughter When He Realizes The Real Reason Behind It #dogs #doglovers

    A Golden Retriever and a delivery man from the UPS company had a routine: every time the man walked past the puppy’s house, he offered him a cookie. The “system” worked well for some time. But one day, the man forgot to bring his delight.

    As expected, the dog wasn’t happy about it! Then, while the delivery man was busy, the pup jumped into the back of his van! The dog circled the neighborhood and as soon as the sender discovered his clandestine passenger, he brought him back to his owner.

    The owner found the whole situation hilarious, so he attached a message on the dog’s neck and shared a photo on the social network, Reddit.


    The photo quickly caught the attention of many users, who confessed to have experienced similar situations!

    These were some of the reactions:

    “I used to work on a farm and the farm cat was notorious for doing this, not only to the ups guy but anyone who left their window open. Edit: ups did not have cat cookies.”

    “My old cat tried to get into the school bus once. It wasn’t some cute Lassie-moment where he was determined to follow his owner. I wasn’t even there, he just really liked people.”

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