Black mouth curThe Black Mouth Cur has been inherently popular in the recent times because of his strong, energetic and fearless properties. Swift and quick as the wind, a champion in the woods, strong and fearless, he is man’s greatest friend and the best hunting companion.

He acquired his name from the black colour that usually covers his muzzle and lips. Hunters and farmers value the Black Mouth Cur as an all-around working dog breed that is capable of protecting a home, herding livestock and offers a high performance in the tracking game.

He bonds well with children and enjoys associating with people he recognizes as a family. Black Mouth Cur requires higher levels of exercise which makes him unsuitable for those who cannot keep up with his demanding energy level.

He is not best suited for very young children because of his tendency to play rough. The reason why most people in the southeastern United States own the Black Mouth Cur is that he is courageous, loyal, and possesses great strength.

He requires an experienced owner who exercises the Goldilocks approach to training. They do best with a large yard because of their high exercise needs.

He likes spending most of his time outdoors where he can run and play with children. He should be provided with at least one walk per day to avoid being bored and destructive at home.


Breed Characteristics

Dog Breed GroupHunting / Herding dog (United Kennel Club)
Height16 to 25 inches tall
Weight45 and 95 pounds
Lifespan12 to 16 years
ColorBrown, yellow, red, black or brindle
CoatsCoats are usually short and their texture can either be fine or course.
OriginAmerican South – Mississippi or Tennessee

Main Highlights

black mouth cur puppy for sale
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• The Black Mouth Cur traces his origins in the AmericanSouth, most likely Tennessee or Mississippi.
• He is a working dog who is comfortable as a livestock herder, a hunting companion,and a home protector.
• He requires a trainer with the ability to maintain a firm hand since they are highly sensitive. This means that they don’t respond well to harsh rebukes from their owners.
• Their training sessions should be made thorough and productive but short enough to maintain the dog’s attention.
• Black Mouth Curs are not apartment dogs. They are very energetic and require a large compound where they can run and burn off energy. Providing him with anything less initiates boredom and destructive behavior.
• They have minimal grooming needs and are known to shed remotely. It is advisable to give him at least a single brushing per week.
• This dog breed is very loyal and obedient to his human family,especially among children. However, he should not be left with very young children because of his tendency to play rough.
The Black Mouth Curs has several different breeders who are likely to produce variances in the coat, size and personality traits of the offspring.
• They are less prone to many conditions that plague other types of purebreds thus generally considered to be healthy dogs. However, they may possess some genetic predispositions that you should be aware of and watch out for as the new owner.
• He weighs between 40 and 95 pounds on average and is 16 inches in height.

Black Mouth Cur derives his name from the black colour that manifests itself in the lips and muzzle. He is also referred by other nicknames such as the Yellow Black Mouth, Southern Cur, American Black Mouth Cur and the East Texas Cur.


Black Mouth Cur PuppyThe exact origins of the Black Mouth Cur seem to be a mystery. However, what is known is that he traces his origin from in the American south, specifically in Tennessee or Mississippi. The Black Mouth Cur descended from the Asian and European cur dogs that were brought by pioneers to North America. They would hunt and practice farming in the region from Florida to Texas. That is how it also received the nickname associated with Texas – The East Texas Cur.

He played a significant role during the settling of the American frontier. Without this dog breed, the expansion of European settlers westwards wouldn’t have been possible. The curs used to be crossbred with other dogs though there were no traceable records of the breeds involved in the cross.
Although there are many theories surrounding the origin of the Black Mouth

Cur, it still remains difficult to exactly pinpoint the first appearance of the purebred Black Mouth Curs. They are still considered to be purebred dogs because the modern Black Mouth Curs can only be bred internationally with other Black Mouth Curs. The Ladner family based in southern Mississippi is famous for breeding the Black Mouth Curs over 100 years.

Other variations of the breed include the Florida Black Mouth Cur which is recognizable by their yellow coat and Alabama Black Mouth Cur which is distinguishable with their red coloration. Black Mouth Curs have been valued over decades for their ability to guard property, herd cattle and hunting.

Black Mouth Cur Size

Yellow Black Mouth
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Black Mouth Curs can have a wide variation in size depending on breeding. Other dogs can also be of different sizes if they are within the same litter. Males weigh between 45 and 95 pounds (20 – 43 Kg) on average.

They tend to be larger than female Black Mouth Curs which range from 35 to 80 pounds. This dog breed stands 16 to 25 inches tall (40 – 64 cm) and another purpose why it is most popular among hunters and farmers is because of their size. Herding dogs can weigh more than 100 pounds while tree dogs range anywhere from 35 to 50 pounds.

The reason why there is a significant difference in the weight of male and female Black Mouth Curs is that there are several different ‘types’ existing within the breed. Each variation or type is named for the family or kennel by which it was developed.

Black Mouth Cur Lifespan

The Black Mouth Cur has an average life expectancy of 12 to 16 years. Their lifespan is considered to be much longer compared to the average for large breeds. It is essential to provide your dog with professional treatment and a balanced diet to extend their lifespan.

Black Mouth Cur Coat Color

Southern Cur
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Black Mouth Curs may have varying appearances depending on breeding. Their coats are usually short and their texture can either be fine or course. Some of the common coat colours of Black Mouth Curs include brown, yellow, red, black or brindle. Most of them have black fur on their lips and muzzle which gives the breed its name, “Black Mouth Cur”. A few may possess the appearance of a mask around their eyes and face. Manifestations of white patches may appear on the chest, legs or tail.

Black Mouth Cur Shedding

Shedding occurs in almost all types of dog breeds. He has a short coat which means that the shedding is not easily noticeable compared to dog breeds with long and thick coats. Most of the Black Mouth Curs are known to shed their coats at least twice a year. This can happen probably in the late fall and in spring thus he is not a constant shedder.

A benefit that comes with the dog breed having a short coat is that it is very easy to clean out the mud and dirt. Also, it doesn’t provide a favourable environment for ticks and fleas to multiply. If you possess cedar shavings in your box and change them regularly, then this is said to reduce the incidence of fleas on your dog. The shedding tends to happen remotely which shows how much the Black Mouth Cur is favoured by the short coat.

Black Mouth Cur Personality

American Black Mouth Cur
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The Black Mouth Cur has had a long history with hunters and herders over decades because of his personality. Rather than focusing on a particular task, settlers needed a dog that was best suited for all their needs. If you like hunting, no other dog will do.

He is a dog breed that never retreats. It is very proficient at baying and treeing. They are known to be courageous and possess great strengths to sustain a long run. The fearless nature of the Black Mouth Cur makes them great herding and hunting dogs.

They are very intelligent and would help the settlers hunt for food as well as valuable pelts. They are also loyal to the owner and quickly responds to reinforcement techniques. They always have the desire to please their master. He is also a dedicated family companion who can offer great protection to a homestead.

Although the Black MouthCurs are relentless and overpowering, they are always kind and protective when it comes to family. Other personality traits of the Black Mouth Cur includes an even temperament, intelligent and predictable. It is advisable to take them for behavioural training otherwise they can start making their own rules in your own home.

Black Mouth Cur Training

The Black Mouth Cur has a high energy level that is appropriate for long days of work. This means that they need a good deal of exercise to maintain their activity level. Although they can be stubborn when it comes to training, the Black Mouth Cur does not work with an overly harsh approach as he is a very sensitive breed.

They always require a trainer who is firm and cannot raise their voice in frustration or anger. He can be pleased easily but tends to be bored if the training sessions are very long or too repetitive. The best trainer would offer short and focused training sessions so that their attention may not drift. As the owner, you should set rules that the dog needs to follow and also stick with them.

Curs that lack enough exercise usually become rummy and high strung. They must be taken for daily walks when not working out on the hunt. Always ensure that he walks behind you as you are the pack leader. A Black Mouth Cur puppy should be trained as soon as you bring him home. A good behavioural training is necessary to ensure that your dog behaves accordingly.

Black Mouth Cur Exercise Requirements

East Texas Cur
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Since the Black Mouth Cur is a hunting dog, he needs plenty of regular exercises which includes a long and brisk daily walk. They are extremely intelligent and can be kept occupied even by a long run once a day. He is usually known to be a physical dog because of his rough plays unless he comes across fragile young children. They should still not be allowed to play with very young children to avoid small accidents.

They like spending most of their time outdoors which means they require a large yard or playground to run freely. Giving your dog regular exercises improves their overall health and well-being. That being said, Black Mouth Curs are not meant to be apartment dogs as they need plenty of room to run. They tend to be bored and destructive if you plan on keeping them indoors.

Besides health issues, lack of exercise can also lead to a wide variety of behaviour problems. Prior to exercises, it is essential to first allow the dog to bond with you. Vigorous exercises not only keeps them fit physically but also mentally. It blends well with their instinct of hunting and herding.

Black Mouth Cur Grooming

The coats of Black Mouth Cur sheds moderately throughout the year and slightly more before summer and winter. They are considered to be average shedders for most of the year.

This implies that they need very little care in general. A single brushing in a week will be enough to maintain the coats at their best. It is easy to groom the short hair of the Black Mouth Cur. Brushing or combing occasionally helps remove dead and loose hairs.

Bathing him regularly can dry out the skin or cause skin problems. It is also essential to brush their teeth regularly with a recommended dog toothpaste to ensure fresh breath and promote good overall health. They will require occasional nail trimmings to reduce the chances of harbouring bacteria.

It is important to ensure their ears and face are kept clean. The ear canal should be kept free of excess hair to prevent infestations of fleas. This is necessary especially in areas with folds in the skin because these places normally harbour bacteria, debris, and parasites.

Black Mouth Cur Common Health Problems

Southern Cur Puppy
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Black Mouth Cur is generally a healthy breed that possesses fewer genetic problems that affect other types of breeds. Despite this unique characteristics, it is still prone to other common health problems such as dysplasia that arises from poor breeding practices. When buying a new Cur puppy, it is important to ask the breeder about the genetic illnesses the dog might possess.

Other conditions include mange, epilepsy, cataracts and ear infections. They are susceptible to ear infections as it is the case with a variety of drop-eared breeds. Regular ear cleanings and occasional checkups are required to reduce the chances of ear infections.

The gene pool quickly culls the genetic defects that might hamper the dog’s abilities as he is used primarily as a working breed. This dog breed has been proved to have an excellent health despite the genetic problems that may pass down from the parents. Black Mouth Cur also benefits from the fact that he has a very wide gene pool because it is not being purebred in the modern sense.

Although he is not immune to the genetically inherited conditions, he can only suffer fewer of the diseases and at lower levels compared to the most purebred dogs. In case of any symptoms, it is advisable to rush him to your vet for a thorough diagnosis. The Black Mouth Cur has a very long lifespan compared to other types of dog breeds.

Black Mouth Cur Care Features

American Black Mouth Cur Puppy
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The Black Mouth Cur is most prone to ear infections besides other genetic problems. Their ears can trap dirt, debris, and water which can lead to infections and other complications. This usually happens in dogs that like to play in humid or water areas, some of the environmental characteristics faced by dogs meant for hunting and herding.

It is important to perform regular ear cleanings to reduce the chances of infection. The health of their eyes and bones should also be checked thoroughly during routine visits to the vet. This helps identify underlying issues such as dysplasia, cataracts, and skeletal conditions. Regular brushing of their teeth helps remove bad breath and helps improve their overall health.

The Black Mouth Cur should never be treated harshly during training as they are sensitive to human behaviour. Short training by professionals helps them be attentive during the whole session. Although they shed lightly, it is important to clean them once in a week or more depending on the instructions from your vet.

He should also be given enough freedom to go for frequent walks and play in the yard as they are well adapted to the outdoor life. Exercising great care on the Black Mouth Cur makes him happy and always loyal to the owner.

Black Mouth Cur Food/ Diet/ Feeding Schedule

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It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that the dog eats a balanced diet that incorporates all the necessary nutrients. Providing a healthy diet depends on the size of your dog and the activities he participates in throughout the day.

Since the Black Mouth Cur is a working dog who likes to hunt or herd livestock, he needs food that will provide him with adequate energy while going about their daily routine. Basically, the recommended amount of Black Mouth Cur involves two quality meals per day.

You can also inquire from your veterinarian about the diet needed by your dog each day. They usually help determine the appropriate diet depending on the size and energy requirements of the Black Mouth Cur. Although proteins are their main source of food, it is essential to combine with foods that provide other sources of nutrients to achieve a balanced diet.

Ensure that he drinks clean water to prevent bacterial infections. The quantity of food and the number of times given in a day should be recommended by the vet. Always make a slow change over the food you want to give your Black Mouth Cur once you bring him home for the first time.

Is Black Mouth Cur a good family dog?

East Texas Cur Puppy
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This type of dog breed can be friendly to other dogs if you begin the socialization during the early stages. Black Mouth Curs are territorial. This implies that they can respond with aggression to strangers and other dogs if they feel that you are threatening any member he recognizes as a family. They are always playful and are better suited for older children because of their tendency to play rough.

They are always on good terms with other resident dogs. However, they are unsuitable for homes that have smaller pets because of their high prey drive e.g. rabbits, cats, hamsters etc. They need companionship and human interaction. They also blend well with most families and kids.

It is essential to supervise your kids when playing with the Black Mouth Cur. They are known to roughhouse and may fail to recognize when to be gentler with youngsters. It is also your own responsibility to teach your kids about how appropriate they can interact with dogs to avoid injuring them during play.

Black Mouth Cur Price

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The price of buying a Black Mouth Cur will depend on various factors such as the breeder, the amount of training the dog went through, his pedigree, transportation costs as well as initial medical costs. Generally, you can expect to pay more for a dog that underwent preliminary training in a discipline like herding or hunting compared to the Black Mouth Cur puppies.

Black Mouth Curs that are untrained range between $250 and $800. Always confirm with the initial breeder about genetic problems or other health conditions the dog might have had in the past. This gives you a starting point when providing care for your new Black Mouth Cur.


The decision to purchase a Black Mouth Cur will depend on your interests and your family. It is essential to bear in mind that this dog breed needs extensive care during training and regular exercises. Not only does this improves his physical capabilities but also makes him mentally fit. Although they can be treated as family dogs, it is mandatory to give them enough space to run or play outdoors. Lastly, remember to take your Black Mouth Cur to a vet for regular checkups to ensure that he is healthy and free from diseases.

Black Mouth Cur Pictures

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