Man Isolated Himself For 25 Years In Desert With Only His Dog, His Amazing Underground Creations Will Astound You.

    High in the deserts of Northern New Mexico, you might stumble across the entrance to a normal looking cave. Well, it is anything but normal. For the last 25 years with only his dog for company, Ra Paulette has been carving New Mexico’s sandstone into magnificent art with breathtaking detail. Paulette spends hundreds of hours on each piece. The one featured in the video below took 900 hours. At a normal workweek of 40 hours, that is almost five and a half months!

    Paulette doesn’t consider himself an artist, just a man expressing his sense of wonder in a passionate way. The goal of his work is to inspire others to open up emotionally in response to the environmental wonder his art highlights.

    His work went totally unnoticed until a documentary filmmaker heard of his project in the high desert. After three years of filming, “Cave Digger” put Paulette on the national radar filling people everywhere with awe and wonder… which is exactly what Paulette wanted.

    The video below shows the hypnotizing process of Paulette’s work and his heart behind it.

    Share his incredible talent to inspire awe in others!


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