His Girlfriend Demands “Either The Dog Goes Or I Go” His Response Has The Internet Applauding

    They say a dog is a man’s best friend and it couldn’t be more true. Dogs are playful, loyal, love us unconditionally and they’re always excited to see us. Which is more than can be said for some humans… The bond that we share with our pets is special; some people say that they love their animals more than their peers. So the idea of being forced apart from our furry friends is hard to comprehend. When this guy’s girlfriend gave him an ultimatum, he had a difficult decision to make.

    After dating for four years, the inevitable next step for a couple living in Roanoke, Virgina, was to move in together. The only issue was that the girlfriend didn’t care for his beloved 4 year old beagle, Molly. Maybe she felt threatened by the other woman in his life…

    She told her boyfriend that the only way she would move in with him was if he got rid of the loyal pup. Left with a predicament on his hands, the boyfriend wondered how best to deal with the choice. Then he had the idea to solve the problem by posting an advertisement on Craigslist and his solution is absolutely brilliant.

    Needless to say, I doubt the girlfriend was expecting that outcome but at least they found out that it wasn’t going to work before they committed to moving in together. Never try to get in between a man and his dog!

    Would you have done the same thing if put in the same situation? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section below.


    1. What an amazing young man! I couldn’t stop worrying about his dog! I’m so happy he made the decision to re-home the girlfriend and not the dog! Anyone who would ask you to give up your faithful companion, just because she doesn’t like her has only begun to take away your identity! Only a controller and selfish person would ask that you give up your faithful friend! It shows that you realize that the dog will be there till death, not sure if the girlfriend would. Love me, love my dog!! Thanks young man you won’t regret your choice. So this holiday season when you are that may be you made the wrong choice, please look into the eyes of the dog. You will not regret your decision. God is dog spelled backwards. Have a great life and pet your faithful friend for me.

    2. My family is me and my pets. It is not an option. We go together. The same applied to my son. If you can’t see that we are great, then that is your problem. Don’t let the door hit you in the butt.

    3. A dog’s love and devotion is unconditional you can’t always say the same about a girlfriend (or a boyfriend for that matter.) Good choice!

    4. The only difference in me and him is I WOULD NOT HAVE TO THINK ABOUT the best way to handle it! Nobody will ever come between me and my girl Adrian.

    5. I will always choose an animal over a person. Animals are helpless whereas people like this girlfriend are selfish and entitled.

      Thanks for sharing this story

    6. This was a wonderful heartwarming story, I was afraid at first what the outcome was going to be but what an amazing young man with a heart of gold to save his fur baby over a selfish woman, lobe me love my dog/s! God bless you and your sweet Molly. I hope you have many, many happy years together.

    7. I had a partner who came home one day after 6 years and said he couldn’t stand the dog hair and told me either the dogs(5 of them) go or he would. I asked if he needed help to pack.

    8. You did the right thing, the only thing you could do. If you had given her away you’d regret it the rest of your life. I have had two beagles, unfortunately they have passed on but I don’t regret a moment with them. I miss them terribly every day. The bottom line is a person that doesn’t love dogs is not right for me and obviously you feel the same. The two of you would never have been happy together. The right dog lover will come along and the three of you will be a family!


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