Woman Fights To Save Dog That Was Dumped In The Streets And Left To Die

    Over the weekend near a Christmas, a woman named Pia was walking the streets of Buenos Aires, Argentina, when she saw a skeletal and fragile dog, abandoned and covered with wounds all over his body, waiting submissively to die. Pia instantly knew she had to help him.

    The dog was so weak it did not look like he could stay the night. Pia collapsed in tears as she picked up the helpless dog and took it to the vet. But then, the dog’s spirit was already crushed by abandonment. He did not respond to any treatment and stared indifferently at his tired eyes.

    But Pia didn’t give up. For the next 48 hours, she stood beside the dog, persuading him to eat and drink, and to hold life with all his might. Pia’s desperate prayers worked, like a miracle after Christmas Day, when the dog renewed his will to live!

    Pia decided to bring out his survival instincts by calling him, Hercules. After many sleepless and painful nights, Hercules surprised Pia as he stood on his own.

    Pia decided never to separate from Hercules. Today, Hercules seems unrecognizable, since his hair has grown, and he spends his days being the happiest dog with his mother Pia.

    We salute the love and faith of Pia who helped Hercules out as a brilliant survivor!

    Click the video below to see Hercules being brought back to life by Pia’s stubborn determination!