Viral: Cat Hoisted Up To Apartment Using Own Vip Elevator

    If you live in an apartment, you’ve probably thought about how your cat will ever get back inside if you let them out and a homemade elevator could be the answer you’re looking for. As you’ll see in this viral video, this pampered cat gets the ride of a lifetime as it jumps into a basket to be raised to its first floor home.

    Admittedly, we were nervous when we saw the basket being lowered to the street, but that all disappeared when we saw this cat confidently rising up to its apartment. The thing we love about this the most is that the cat still has the freedom it wants to cruise and do its thing, but also has a way back home. Just wait until you see it!

    Watch the adorable video below:

    Would you ever build a cat elevator for your feline friend? Please share with your friends and family.