The Sad Story Behind Dog’s Weird Appearance Is Breaking Everyone’s Hearts #dogs #doglovers

    When rescuers touched the dog’s face, he screamed in pain and ran away.

    When Rescuers from Animal Aid Unlimited, India, found a strange-looking dog wandering in the streets, they were shocked at the pig-like face of the otherwise sweet canine. They touched his face, but the dog screamed in pain and ran away.

    With much difficulty, the rescuers got hold of the dog and took him in for medical care. When the poor dog realized that he was finally getting some help, he couldn’t stop wagging his tail!

    The vet assessed the dog’s face and there was only one conclusion – an infectious abscess had caused his face to become swollen and engorged in size. They decided to drain the abscess through a painful surgical procedure.

    We’ll warn you that the surgery in this video might be difficult to view for certain viewers. But getting to see the all-recovered and healthy dog makes it worth the watch.

    The dog’s miraculous recovery brought a complete shift in his appearance. He no longer looks like a ‘pig’ in excruciating pain. He looks so happy today, as he goes about the shelter with the widest and brightest smiles! We’re so glad he made it!

    Click the video below to watch the dog’s unrecognizable appearance after he recovers fully!