Paralyzed Puppy Dumped Outside City To, Drags Herself For Miles To Get Help #dogs #doglovers #puppy #puppies

    Poppy is a disabled pup left to d.i.e in the middle of nowhere. But she surprised everyone with her indomitable spirit and will to survive!

    Poppy is a puppy suffering from paralyzed hind legs. She was dumped and left to d.i.e in the remote outskirts of Botswana, South Africa, but Poppy’s spirit was not one to give up on life so easily.

    Workers at a remote research camp were amazed when they saw Poppy approaching them with much difficulty. Using only her front legs, Poppy had dragged herself for miles to find help!

    The workers immediately transferred her to Eco-exist project, under the care of Director Amanda Stronza. Amanda raised money for Poppy to get a spinal surgery. With continuous therapy in a clinic in Johannesburg, Amanda hoped that Poppy would be able to walk.

    Meanwhile, a woman named Beth Hastings and her two daughters fell in love with Poppy. Beth was a friend of Amanda, so she requested Amanda to let her adopt Poppy. This is how Poppy ended up in her cherished forever home!

    Today, Poppy is still unable to walk on her own. But that hardly stops her from living life to the fullest on her special wheelchair. We are so happy that Poppy has found her ‘happy ever after’!

    Click the video below to watch Poppy’s miraculous journey of resilience and determination!