Overdramatic Pooch Has The Most Hilarious Reaction When She Doesn’t Get What She Wants #dogs #doglovers #puppy #puppies

    Every dog owner knows how funny their pooches can be. They can’t talk, yet they manage to communicate so much with their actions, their barking, whimpering or body language. Sometimes, they can express themselves in a very human-like manner. Take the dog in the following video, for example. She has quite a dramatic means of expressing herself.

    Sadie the pooch kept badgering her mom to do something. When her owner refused to do as she asked, she let out a huge groan and went on to throw a little tantrum. She plopped herself down on the floor and let out a seriously melodramatic sigh. You’d think the sky was falling down after seeing that reaction! What a hilarious dog!

    Did this video crack you up?