Mom Wailed Loudly For Her Pup That Clung To Life, As People Just Walked By #dogs #doglovers #puppy #puppies

    It was up to humanity to help.

    Animal Aid Unlimited is an animal rescue organization established in 2002 to save animals through street animal rescue, spaying, neutering and education. Their mission is driven by “compassion and love”, and this was another day as an animal rescuer – with many animals in need of their assistance.

    Not long ago, staff had received a distressing call concerning a wounded puppy lying motionless on the side of the road. When they finally got there, its mother was by his side, crying out for help while standing guard and looking out for her young. Somehow, his mother knew that the rescuers were there to help her, thus she trusted them with her puppy. The dog had wanted to help but could not do it on her own. The rescuers picked the pup up and when he cried out in pain, its mother whined in agony too.

    The puppy’s father was also worried and rushed to the scene in order to investigate what was going on. Animal Aid Unlimited staff very carefully transferred the tiny puppy into to their vehicle, en route to the hospital. The puppy’s mother never stop trying to communicate while rescuers gently carried her puppy into the ambulance and away from the streets.

    A medical check-up showed that the puppy had two deep puncture wounds on his shoulders. The wounds would have been life-threatening if he did not receive care to close them up, putting him at risk for infection. All he needed was lots of rest, food, and love. Afterwards, the pup tried to walk on his own. Eventually, he regained his strength to do so – and he was ready to join the rest of his own family back home.

    ”We weren’t sure if the nerve damage was permanent. But Toggle was comforted throughout the days of his healing, and while we fell in love with his incredibly sweet nature, we knew there was someone very important waiting for him back home”, Animal Aid Unlimited wrote.

    Watch Toggle’s story in the video below: