Dog Stands Next To Deceased Owner Showing His Loyalty

    No one has any doubts that the dog is man’s best friend. However, there are constant situations that show how faithful these animals are to their owners, as in this case that occurred in Montemorelos, Nuevo León, Mexico, a few days ago.

    A 57-year-old man was crossing a railway line when he was killed by a train and, his body was there on the ground beside the rails, waiting for the arrival of the team responsible for removing the body.

    But a little dog appeared and stood beside the body of the master (his owner) and stayed there watching. The scene was recorded by some Red Cross officials, who were moved by the scene.

    The photo shared in social networks, soon virtualized and received many comments, from Internet users admired by the loyalty of the dog, who did not leave the place for anything and still tried to bite the police and paramedics when they got there.

    Some witnesses said that they already knew this man by sight, for he used to stroll around town, most of the time he was drunk and, the dog followed him all the time, and this scene had been repeating for years.

    The food that this man got, he always shared with his faithful four-legged friend, and the two became a duo known to everyone in the area.

    The teams had difficulty removing the dog from the side of the body. When those responsible for the removal of the body arrived, finally the victim was taken. And the dog is being cared for in a proper place, but temporarily.

    But several Internet users have already expressed interest in adopting the dog. So he should have a new home very soon.

    This case only shows how dogs are loyal to their owners

    These cases that dogs show loyalty to their owners occur constantly, we have already shown several cases. This only proves that the dogs really are loyal to the owners.

    They sure are our best friends!