Dog Is Tied To A Tree With A Heart Breaking Note

    The moving story we’ll meet today began in Baltimore, Maryland, when Stephanie Dagenhart discovered a poor dog tied to a tree. The woman was walking with her own dogs when she came upon the scene of desolation.

    It was cold and a sad note had been left in the grass near the dog: “My name is Duke, this is my favorite toy and food, I’m looking for a new home.”

    Stephanie was shocked.

    “I was shocked, I literally looked left and right, looking for someone who could be the owner, I could not believe what my brain was telling me.” The woman asked for help… “I am a dog lover, I could not imagine it. I had my two dogs with me and immediately called the emergency number.”

    Then Stephanie called her fiancé so he could get her dogs. The worried woman didn’t want to leave Duke’s side, but she couldn’t get close with her pups. Duke looked scared and was growling.

    Help came quickly and Duke was taken to the Baltimore Animal Shelter (BARCS), where he received all necessary attention. Fortunately, Duke was quickly adopted and is very happy alongside his new master.

    Facebook – BARCS Animal Shelter

    Fortunately, Duke’s case turned out well. Share this story if you are against the abandonment of animals!