Abandoned Golden Retriever Found Pregnant And Surprises When She Gives Birth To Different Puppies

    When Rosie, a mix of the Golden Retriever, arrived at Neuse River, North Carolina, abandoned and heavily pregnant, Katie and John Black immediately began caring for her.

    The team has taken care of many pregnant dogs in the past, but when Rosie gave birth, it was clear that she would be a special case since Rosie’s four healthy puppies didn’t look anything like her.

    Unlike Mother Rosie, who is covered in gold, the puppies were very strange. The black and brown marks on his white coat made them look like a bunch of small cows! Appropriately, they were given the names of Daisy, Clarabelle, Betsy, and Moo.

    Crossbreeding often leads to marked differences in puppies’ characteristics. But in Rosie’s case, the absolute lack of similarity was remarkable. But that did not affect Rosie’s love for her sweet little puppies!

    Today, Rosie and all her babies were adopted. We are very grateful to Katie and John for their sincere efforts to care for the litter and find the best homes!

    Click the video below to watch Rosie’s adorable puppies!